Digital Transition Postponed

WASHINGTON (WXTX) - It seems that we are not a week away from the Big Switch to digital television as Congress has now decided to give people four more months to prepare.

The House voted Wednesday to postpone the end of analog TV signals until June 12.

The move is meant to address concerns that more than 6.5 million Americans with older TVs would not be ready by Feb. 17, the originally mandated deadline.

The House took up the question last week but under a special procedure that required more than a simple majority.

The Senate passed the measure unanimously last week and the bill now heads to President Barack Obama for his signature. Obama's spokesman has said the president will sign it.


COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  In an effort to make sure you get your DTV questions answered, the National Association of Broadcasters is hitting the road.

DTV Road show
Feb 4th - (Main) Columbus Public Library, 5pm -9pm
Feb 5th - South Columbus Branch Library, 9am - 2pm

The DTV Road Show will be making several stops in Columbus during the first week in February.