Cancer Survivor Speaks Out on World Cancer Day

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

AUBURN, Al (WTVM) - In honor of World Cancer Day, News Leader Nine caught up with a young cancer survivor. We found that 8-year-old Carly Parker's life sure has changed a lot in the past year.

In November of 2007, Carly Parker was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in her nasal passage.

"It's a disease and it's hard to fight," Carly explained. But she certainly knew how to fight it. As of February 08, Carly is cancer free!

Her mother, Miki Parker said, "It's exciting. We are thrilled beyond belief. There's nothing like hearing your child is healthy."

Carly told News Leader Nine that being cancer-free is like, "Having a party, being free and just relaxing."

The Parkers have reason to celebrate, because almost all of Carly's hair has grown back since chemotherapy.

"It was funny because when we told her she had cancer she cried because she was going to lose her hair," said Parker. "We have a bag of hair she kept and her original ponytail. We were worried it was going to be bad when she lost her hair, but she was a cute bald head."

Carly said she's glad to have hair but, "I want it longer because I can't do much with it like this."

And her mom says now Carly is able to regularly attend school, "A lot of times we would say 'do you remember when you would cry in the hospital because you wanted to go to school? Isn't it better that you're not in the hospital and have the freedom to go to school?' and she'll say yes it is."

They are thankful for their blessing and have a bit of advice for others fighting cancer.

"The best advice we had was believe in your faith and just fight along with your child," said Parker.

"Believe in God, tell people to pray for you and believe in yourself," added Carly.

Even though this family has gone through so much with Carly's recovery, they do have a foundation set up in her name to help other's who are fighting cancer. You can donate money or find out more about Carly's battle at