Day Two of Sewon's Job Fair

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) - Sewon America's job fair is still going on in LaGrange and although the lines aren't wrapping around the building like Monday, hundreds are still turning out. Many of the job-seekers share the same story: they were recently laid off, and are hoping for a new start. News Leader Nine caught up with some of the applicants for their story.

The Director with Georgia Quick Start, Sean McMillan said, "It's hard to say how to categorize the people here. I can only say there are people who are anxiously looking for other opportunities."

Weymon Jones traveled from a neighboring county to apply. He said, "I'm applying for a job with Sewon because I'm recently laid off from a General Motors supplier so I'm trying to find things in line with what I have experience in."

"I am laid-off through an unemployment situation. Right now I am going through that and steadily seeking work," said Atlanta resident, Andre Robinson. He said he would gladly drive the distance if it meant having a job until retirement.

Sonya Crump is also recently unemployed, "I had a lay-off last week at a company I was with and a friend of mine let me know about the job fair this week."

"There's something out there for everybody. Sometimes you just have to take that step of faith and go out for yourself," Tameeka Walker told News Leader Nine.

"Everybody is out of work. It's hard to find a job right now. The economy is terrible. It's hard to get hired. I looked in the paper yesterday and they probably had ten jobs, that's it," added Crump.

Jones went to the job fair Monday, but because of the long lines, he decided to wait until the next day. He said, "More people are looking for jobs coming up because they're getting ready to lose their jobs. That's what I heard yesterday."

"Its difficult to measure exactly how many people are going to show up, so we anticipate fewer tomorrow but we will be open until the last person gets served," added McMillan.

If you're still looking for a job, and haven't gotten out to LaGrange yet, the job fair is going on from 8 in the morning until 9 at night.