Courts rule vaccines not responsible For Autism

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A special court ruled against parents with autistic children, saying vaccinations are not to blame for the disorder, but some local parents don't agree with that assessment.

"He has autism, have a good day." These are the words Phyllis Rivera heard from doctors after she discovered her middle son was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. She said, "You could see that he was developing -- I'm not going to say normally -- but he was developing and interacting with us and it kind of slowed down after the vaccine."

The Founder of Bridges Learning Center, Bardie Brady told News Leader Nine, "My son has autism. He developed fine until he started getting immunizations and it's not just immunizations, I believe it's many things -- preservatives and chemicals that are not natural."

More than 5,000 families filed with the U.S. Court of Claims maintaining immunizations were a cause of autism, but the courts said there wasn't enough evidence.

The Chief of Pediatrics at Columbus Regional, Dr. Thomas Zanga said, "We know from science that vaccines do not cause autism, they don't cause it. We don't know what causes autism."

But parents disagree. "It's very sad that they came down with that ruling because people will dismiss it now, and just because we dismiss it doesn't mean it's not there," said Brady.

"Our children still need to be vaccinated and protected from childhood diseases. Of course I want all my children protected but there has to be a better way," added Rivera.

At this point, the courts still have to rule on several other claims.