Ellaville Woman Electrocuted

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

ELLAVILLE, GA (WTVM) -  Police say a secluded Ellaville home is where twenty-three-year-old Christina Lynn lost her life.

Lynn was accidentally electrocuted last week while trying to get her electricity back on.

"Ms. Lynn had a roommate who came home and did not find Ms. Lynn inside with her three small children. The roommate thought that was unusual and began to look for Ms. Lynn. That's when she was discovered outside laying on the ground," said Trebor Randle, Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

The GBI is still investigating Lynn's death. Agents say she had been without power since December and that this wasn't the first time she had tried to restore her power.

"At some point, the power had been restored but it was not done legally by the power company so the power company speculated that she may have attempted to restore it in the past at the actual utility box. This particular time, the power company actually disconnected it from the power pole," Randle added.

Investigators say, on the day she died, Lynn called Flint Electric to see how much it would cost to have her power restored. They say the problem was not resolved.

So police say Lynn took matters into her own hands. Using a makeshift tool and this ladder, they say she climbed to the top of her power pole and tried to get her power back on herself.

In a crime scene photo, you can see the ladder Lynn used propped up against the pole. Police say when she tried to make a connection, she touched the wrong part and was electrocuted by more than 14,000 volts.

We spoke to officials with Flint Energies today who had no comment on the accident.

GBI officials say Lynn's attempt may very well be a sign of the hard economic times many are going through.