Your Turn on 9: Macon Rd. drivers ignore new u-turn sign

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One car after another,  drivers made the u-turn to go east on Macon Road.

John Fluellen says it's a quick way for him to get to K-Mart. "I've been doing it for the longest. I've never even paid attention," he said. "I make it every time. I always make that turn," said Sharonika McCoy.

Our cameras caught 20 drivers within 45 minutes, making the illegal u-turn.

"There was never a sign in the beginning," said driver, Emmitt Parnell. But, officials say there was a sign in the same exact spot a few years ago.

The sign was taken down, but recently put back, and now some drivers say it's not noticeable. They argue this is just a way for police to write more tickets.

"I think they should move it up some so they can recognize it because I still always make the turn," said Debbie Williams.

Police say the reason the sign went back up is safety. If the light is green for those drivers coming from the Cross Country Plaza, and other anxious drivers try to make the quick u-turn, it can be dangerous.

"It's unsafe the people coming from there can't see the people making the u-turn," said Parnell.

And avoiding a collision is another good reason why many drivers should obey this sign.

"I will never make another you turn. Thank you for telling me because I don't want a ticket," added Williams.

"Nope won't be making the turn anymore," said Fluellen.