Walking Is Good, Lifting Weights Makes It Better


we know that lifting weights helps build muscle, but now comes proof that a muscle that also benefits is the heart. a new study published in the journal of the american medical association shows that weightlifting reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. it

does that in a number of ways, such as lowering the bad kind of cholesterol and increasing the good kind. weightlifting also helps reduce body fat and helps the body process sugar leading to a healthier heart.

[CG :2 LINE CG\Dr. Mihaela Tanasescu\Harvard Researcher]
"people have believed that lifting weights is beneficial to the heart, but this is the first piece of evidence to support this belief." and that's not all the study found. dr. mihaela (me-hay-la) tanasescu (ten-a-sess-coo) and fellow harvard researchers studied data gathered over twelve years from more than 44-thousand men. the data showed that men who took brisk walks

for a half-hour a day did have a reduced risk for heart disease, but that others who did more intense exercise saw their risk reduced significantly more. "people who don't exercise should start moving. even moderate amounts of walking are beneficial. however, more intense activities are probably going to confer an additional benefit."

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that means running, jogging, and pumping iron can all keep your heart pumping stronger and longer. this is mavis prall reporting.