Cut your meat, cut your grocery bills

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Trimming your family's food budget may be as simple as the cut of meat you choose.

Take a lesson from mothers and grandmothers and pay a visit to the local butcher, or meat manager if it's a chain grocery store.

For example, we found whole fryers at Publix for $1.39 lb versus one that's pre cut and packaged at $1.69 lb.

Managers say customers can have the meat manager cut it up for free.  The same is true for items like whole pork loin that are on sale.  Shoppers can have those divided into pork chops.

"Cut it, grind it, cut it up into stew meat, whatever you would like," says Publix Assistant Store Manager Andre Ranew about the company's free services.

For folks who want to splurge, there's a way to slice steak pieces and price.

"In a porterhouse t-bone, the top portion here is what we call a New York strip, the bottom portion is a fillet," adds Ranew.

Ranew says if customers want packages broken down into smaller portions, they'll do that as well.

So for those of you who though a visit to the butcher was a thing of the past, think again.

Having your meats cut the old-fashioned way, also cuts down on your bill at the register.

"Usually it's a 20 to 30% savings when something's on sale," Ranew says.