Basic Potato Salad - Submitted by Joanne

My mother makes a great potato salad that can be used for a second meal the next day. She also has a way of recycling mashed potatoes. She was in Germany during the War and they had to stretch every potato they had. She was part of a family of 6. Here goes...


Sack of potatoes (family size determines the pounds)
1 onion
salt & pepper
vinegar & oil

pickles & pickle juice (optional. Pickles were added years later by my brother. They give it a twang that we like)

Boil potatoes. Let cool. Peal and slice (not dice). Dice onions. Mix with potatoes. Salt & pepper to taste and add vinegar & oil to taste, do the same with the pickles (dice and add juice). Serve with hot dogs (bought on sale or anything you wish)


Using left over potato salad, heat a frying pan and add potato salad. Fry like homefries and serve with eggs and bacon (add extra oil if needed).


These potatoes usually do not have anything mixed in with them and you must use real potatoes NOT boxed potato spuds (they aren't cost effective). This type of recycled potato is good by itself; or served with gravy on top; or you can have them with eggs for breakfast.

Remove potatoes from the fridge.

Heat a skillet at low to medium heat with healthy vegetable or some sort of seed oil. Test to be sure it is hot enough using a tiny drop of water. If the water dances, then you're ready.

Grab up an amount to fit the palm of your hand and roll into a ball. Smash flat to about 3/4" and flour both sides. Place the pancake on the pan and fry to a crispy golden brown. Flip and repeat. NOTE:**Heat slowly so not to burn the crust, this will result in uneven heating of the center of the pancake if done too quickly.

These are great side dishes but they are filling enough to be eaten alone.