Brawl erupts at Hollywood Connection's teen party

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - What was supposed to be a fun night out for teens turned into a late-night brawl in north Columbus.

Hollywood Connection on Whittlesey Road hosted a "Teen Pajama Party" over the weekend, providing wholesome entertainment for young adults in the area. All was going as planned until several fights inside and in the parking lot, caused many teens to place panicked phone calls home.

Witnesses say the fights started inside the teen night club called "The Back Door", after which, officials forced everyone outside.

Police shut down the party, but that left some teens stranded until parents could pick them up.

Natasha Wilson describes, "Oh, it was chaos--kids running around and kids still fighting."

One father, Christopher Brown said, "Georgia State Troopers, policemen, the security was out front. Kids were in groups walking all over the Bradley Park area. Some of them were trying to get away."

Wilson said, "I had gotten a call at home that there were fights breaking out and my son had been hit in the process."

"They told me they're fighting, they saw guns and so me and my aunt high-tailed it up there. It was time to go get them," added Brown.

"My biggest concern was that when everything was going on with the kids, instead of them seeing about the kids, they worried about clearing the parking lot," complained Wilson.

When asked if she would let her son return to "The Back Door" Wilson said, "Oh no, never! Hollywood Connection is done!"

Brown agreed, "They don't want to go back. [My kids] said 'Daddy, we'll find something else to do.'"

We placed a call to Hollywood Connection, but they tell us they are unable to comment on the situation at this time.

It's unknown at this time whether or not someone will be charged. Columbus Police are investigating the brawl. We'll keep you posted on any developments.