Press Release: McKoon to leave post

Josh McKoon Will Not Seek Re-Election As Muscogee County GOP Chair

Press Release

COLUMBUS, GA - Josh McKoon, 29 year old Columbus attorney, announced to Muscogee County Republican Party members that he will not stand for election to another term for Chairman.

McKoon has formerly served as Chairman of the Muscogee County Young Republicans, as National Committeeman from the State of Georgia to the Young Republican National Federation and as Secretary of the Muscogee County Republican Party.

McKoon also served as Chairman of Governor Sonny Perdue's Re-Election Campaign in Muscogee County, carrying Muscogee County for a Republican candidate for Governor for the first time since 1966.  He remains a member of the Georgia Republican Party's State Committee.

McKoon said, "This was not a difficult decision for me.  While it has been flattering to have so many people ask me to continue on as Chairman of our local Republican Party, I have spent the last five years in a leadership position with our local Party and it is time to make a change so we can continue to build on the momentum we have gained over the past few years in grassroots organizing and fundraising.  I look forward to supporting the new team that is elected at our County Convention next month."

The full statement from McKoon to County GOP Members follows:

I just wanted to take a moment here to announce to all of you that I will not be seeking another term as your County Party Chairman.  With the increasing load at my law practice and other opportunities that have presented themselves, I simply could not devote the time to do this job properly over the next two years.  That, coupled with my belief that organizations draw their strength from regular and frequent changes in leadership, has led me to this decision.  What a pleasure it has been for me to serve you over the last two years as your Chairman!

I have enjoyed promoting the ideals of our Republican Party, serving as a spokesman of sorts for our cause locally and of course getting to meet so many people committed to public service.  It would have been impossible to achieve the fundraising we have had over the past two years and the grassroots organization we have had without the help of our fantastic executive committtee.  Marjorie Newman, Daphne Dove-Peirce, Colin Martin, Ed Thompson, Alton Russell, Kevin Earley, David Helmick, Nate Sanderson, Linda Nix and Art Smith have been a pleasure to work with and get to know better.  If you see any of them, please let them know how much their hard work to make our County GOP stronger is appreciated.  It has been great having such a tremendous team to move our initiatives forward.  I have made my share of mistakes in this position, but being able to rely on so many experienced hands have made the mistakes manageable and relatively few.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and I look forward to continuing my involvement with the Muscogee County GOP in a different capacity.