Safety Kit Essentials

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WXTX) - It's Alabama's Severe Weather Awareness Week, and a safety kit is a good idea for any home.  Fox 54 found out what nine essential items your family may need to put in your kit for when severe weather hits.

Johnny Burell, the Administrator with the Russell County Health Department said, "It's items we recommend that individuals have together in their home put together so if there is severe weather, like a tornado, you don't have a lot of time, you can just grab the container."

The first is a few bottles of water and a container you can put water in.

The second is a variety of non-perishable food items that don't necessarily have to be cooked.

And the third item we found might have slipped your mind. Burell adds, "Can openers. People don't think about can openers but if you have food without a can opener it's hard to do."

In case of illness or injury during a storm, number four is a first aid kit, including any medications you are currently taking.

Numbers five and six: a flashlight with fresh batteries and a NOAA weather radio. Burell also recommends checking the expiration dates on the previous items. You should check up on food, medicine and batteries in the flashlight and radio to make sure they are still good.

Number seven is a change of clothes for each person in your family. "If you are out of your house for several days, especially if a tornado disrupts the infrastructure, you may be without for several days and its nice to have extra clothing," Burell told News Leader Nine.

Our number eight item is a small bag of toiletry items, like sample sized shampoos and lotions.

And number nine, put copies of any important documents for your family and home in the kit. Burell says, "A copy of your driver's license, social security number, any insurance policies. You may want to take pictures of your home so if it is destroyed you have them for your insurance."

We all have these items in our homes, but the idea is to get extras and put them in a central location so it will be easy to grab if you need to get to your safe place in the event