Girl Scouts have informative new website

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - These days, kids are probably more tech-savvy than any of us, and that can sometimes be scary when they are using the Internet. Girl Scouts of America and Microsoft have teamed up to create a website that is safe and informative for young girls and their parents to use.

Girl Scout's Regional Director, Debbie Caballero told News Leader Nine, "Our girls are using all kinds of technology and we want to be sure they know the best way to use it and they stay safe while doing so."

The brand new website offers advice to young girls on topics like cyber-bullying, social networking and online predators. News Leader Nine caught up with some Girl Scouts to see how they felt about the site.

4th grader, Marty Laughbaum said, "I think it's cool because you can take quizzes and it can teach you not to cyber-bully."

One of the perks is that the advice panel consists of Girl Scouts all over the United States who are their age and have the same life experiences.

"I think it's cool because it shows kids can do stuff like that and not just adults," said Kate Jenkins.

"They're our age and they've been there now and not 20 or so years before," added 5th grade Girl Scout, Kathleen Sway.

Anna Katherine Drew said, "In case we are cyber-bullied, we can go here and see what the best solution is and see how other girls handled it." Kathleen said, "We have a better idea how to do it ourselves."

Girl Scout Leaders will be introducing the site to troops in the coming weeks so they can start openly communicating about online safety.

"We're just exploring it ourselves, as staff members, and we'll be getting it out to our girls in the next few weeks. So we'll be hearing soon how they like it," said Caballero.

The version of the website for young girls is and the website for parents can be found at