Job seeker posts resume on E-Bay

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With record high unemployment rates, people searching for jobs are being forced to get creative when posting their resumes. News Leader Nine caught up with one guy who found a unique way to look for jobs.

Times are tough for those looking for job, and many are reaching the point of desperation.

Steven Dixon said, "I couldn't find a job. I've done the traditional search, I've sent my resume out, I've even gone to bigger cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Birmingham, but I haven't had much luck."

When searching for a job many people use traditional websites to post their resume, but some people are branching out by using Craigslist and even E-Bay.

"I went online to e-Bay, wrote up a little thing about myself, posted my resume. I just want to see what kind of hits I could get," Dixon told News Leader Nine.

The Department of Labor encourages people to post resumes, but say to use caution. Mikell Fryer, the Regional Director for  Columbus's Department of Labor said, "I'm not surprised people are putting their resumes online but if you aren't interested in that position, you might end up wasting not only the employers time, but the other people who are searching for work also."

But Dixon hopes his bold move will get him noticed and ultimately land him a job, "I thought it was creative and different and people don't normally look for jobs on E-Bay, they are usually looking for a product, but I thought I could offer this service and maybe see what I could get out of it."