Fines and penalties for basket "brawl" teams

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email

VALLEY, AL (WTVM) - "A lot of us were in a state of shock."

The words from Valley High School principal Larry McQuiston say it all.

The fight between his boys basketball team and Carver High of Montgomery made national headlines last week.

This week, it's all about paying for those mistakes.

Valley was fined $2,500 dollars for the brawl.

"We've made a mistake, and I say we, the school accepts responsibility for this mistake that we've made, we're past the point of pointing fingers, we're not going to blame any particular group from any particular campus, we're accepting the responsibility for it," McQuiston said.

The Alabama High School Athletic Association handed down an even steeper penalty to Carver of Montgomery, they won't be involved in any post-season games for the rest of 2009.

At least for now, no such penalty has been given to Valley, but the players involved in the fight did not get off scot-free.

"Each student was assessed a 300 dollar fine, that can be reduced to 100 dollars once they complete an online program," McQuiston said.

In addition, Valley's basketball program has been placed on restrictive probation indefinitely.

All things considered, school administrators want this to be a learning experience, one they hope won't be repeated.

"I feel that the students, the players themselves feel much better about the situation. They're willing to accept responsibility and move on from that," McQuiston said.