Sites You Can Use - Feb. 26, 2009

Ladies, with spring like weather upon us, it couldn't be a better time than to start thinking about that beauty makeover. And, with the help of's Extreme Makeover application, your personalized transformation is only a few mouse clicks away. The site lets you choose from dozens of hairstyles, lip stick, blush, and eyeliner colors. And, it even lets you accessories with necklaces, earrings, and hats. So, if you're looking for that hot, refreshing new you then this could be the site for you.

And for most us, times are tough, work, a dwindling economy. It can take its toll on the best of us. So, why not relieve your stress and pamper yourself for less. The website has more than 800-bath and body recipes ranging from homemade acne treatments, to shaving cream, facial scrubs, lip balm, and many more.

And, finally, feeling depressed? Try laughing more. Some researchers believe laughter is the key to helping you feel better. And, the website could your be cure! The site has thousands of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio and videos clips. And, best of all, it's free!