Lanett Woman's Boyfriend Wanted for Her Murder

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

LANETT, AL (WTVM) -  "We've never dealt with anything quite like this before."

Neighbors react to the murder of a young woman at a home on East 3rd Avenue in Lanett, not far from the Westpoint Stevens Plant.

This morning, police found the body of twenty-year-old Amanda Engelhardt.

"Officers arrived there and recovered Ms. Engelhardt laying on the bedroom floor in a pool of blood and she had a laceration across her neck," said Lieutenant Johnny Wood with the Lanett Police Department.

Investigators have yet to make an arrest in the case so they're being tight-lipped with details but they have set their sights on a suspect- twenty-five-year-old John Lisenby.

"We've developed enough probable cause and gathered enough evidence to support a warrant for the arrest of Ms. Engelhardt's boyfriend who was residing with her at the time," Lieutenant. Wood added.

Police are still investigating why Lisenby would allegedly kill his girlfriend but the search for him is on.

"We know he has some family in the Phenix City, Columbus area and in the northern part of the US in Maryland. We have alerted authorities between here and Maryland if they get in contact with that individual," said Wood.

Meanwhile, neighbors stare at the yellow crime scene tape in shock.

"They were pretty nice people. I never thought anything like this would happen to them. It happened right under our noses. Stuff like that will open your eyes up. For somebody to get killed- that's scary, real scary," said Andy Burly, a neighbor.

Engelhardt's body has been sent to Department of Forensics in Montgomery for an autopsy.

As for Lisenby, police say he is driving a gold 2007 KIA Spectra with Alabama tag#12C734W.

He was last seen wearing a green GAP jacket and jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lanett Crime Stoppers at 334-756-8200.

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