Lee County Red Cross helps tornado victims

March 2, 2008

By Chris Vessell bio | email

SALEM, AL (WTVM) - The cleanup process in Salem will no doubt take a while after Saturday's tornado hit down, demolishing several homes and churches. However, in the meantime many families in this area are in need of some few things right now. The Lee County Red Cross is working to provide tornado victims with food, shelter, and counseling.

Saturday's storm still lingered on the minds of victims on Monday. "I had been in the hallway about 3 seconds at the longest, and walls started rattling, trees started coming down you could hear them popping," Dominica Sullivan, a tornado victim said.

Dominica Sullivan's home is now a total loss, the roof was completely ripped off by the tornado, and and everything inside was damaged. Sullivan is receiving financial help through her insurance, but she and several others are also receiving help from the Lee County Red Cross. "The Red Cross was here in no time, they were here in any way they could help us," Sullivan said.

"We're still contacting families on a one-on-one basis. We did go out and leave info on people's doors and in their mail boxes and told the neighbors," Jennifer Ryan, Lee County Red Cross said.

The Red Cross wants to make sure that tornado victims in Salem are aware that they can assist them with a variety of needs ranging from shelter to prescription medication. "A lot of people weren't here, and that was great but their going to come back and they may find needs so we just want them to know," Ryan said.

The Lee County Red Cross can be reached at 334-749-9981.