Letter from Our Executive Director

Left to Right: Sandy Kozlik, Executive Director with Mrs. Norine Farrar
Left to Right: Sandy Kozlik, Executive Director with Mrs. Norine Farrar

To The Community:

In my college years working in Geriatrics was probably the last thing I ever thought I would do.  I studied Politics which if you think about it, is Behavior Modification on the mass scale. I knew I wanted to help society but wasn't until my children were born and I moved to Georgia that I fell into Long Term Care. God and I both knew where I belonged. I became an Administrator, so that I could make a bigger difference than I could have if I continued as a Social Worker.  Still, as an Administrator for 5 years, many times I would walk the halls knowing there had to be a better and more dignified way to provide services.  There had to be a way to love, care, shelter, laugh and be there for the families and the residents in a way that made people feel good about where they were.  I found that the day I walked into The Veranda.

I had been discussing with a company called EdenCare about possibly working for them as an Executive Director.  I went to The Veranda with my family on a Saturday afternoon.  I was met by two different caregivers with a smile and an invitation for a tour.  They were very obviously proud of where they worked, what they did and what they had to offer.  I stood and watched the residents smiling and dancing to the big band music that the caregivers were playing.  People were laughing and truly enjoying themselves; caregivers, residents, and families.  I knew at that moment I had found the avenue to provide great services in a very elegant environment.  Once I met with the Directors of EdenCare, I found that they had the same philosophy that I had carried with me all these years.  The person has to be cared for as a whole person, not just an illness.  I know this because of my daughter withDiabetes, and my son with Downs Syndrome.  We have to encourage the abilities and discourage the disabilities.  The people assisting the elders have to care for the Mind, Body and the Spirit.  Spirit is not just God, but also what ever brings a smile to each persons face; be it a child, dancing, laughter, flowers or even being able to keep and care for a pet.  If youmiss just one little piece to the puzzle, you have missed the whole point.  This is EdenCare's philosophy.

I have been with The Veranda and EdenCare since April of 2002.  We have a truly outstanding team of professionals who work with our residents.  They provide a family atmosphere in elegant surroundings and treat our residents with dignity and respect. Not only are our residents our friends, but they are also our family.  I know that having a family member go to any community is a difficult decision becuase I have planned for my son to be in the same situation someday.  I have the comfort in knowing that there are places out there like The Veranda that will not only care for my son, but love him as well.

I have worked in places that accept residents based on the needs of the facility.  I won't accept that for my son.  I want a place that will love and care for him, as we will care for your loved ones at The Veranda.

Sandy Kozlik