3rd Grader Accuses Teacher of Choking

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Ten- year-old Javier Harvey showed scratches on his neck--he told Fox 54 that his teacher put them there.

"She choked me and was digging her nails in me then she told me to come and sit down on a green bench," he said.

"My child is so scared. He doesn't want to see the lady at the school. He doesn't want to see that teacher ever again," said Kimberly Swanson.

Swanson says she feels like the principal of Davis Elementary and the school board did not handle the situation properly and her child's complaint was ignored.

"The teacher said she was sick and tired. The principal stated it could have happened or it could not have happened. He seen my son sitting there crying, he asked him what was wrong and Javier said the teacher choked me and told him to hush," said Swanson.

To be clear, the school board has closed its investigation and police are not pursuing charges at this time.

The school board said it followed all of the correct procedures and even had a conference with Ms. Swanson.

The school principal sent a letter that stated, "We have conducted our investigation on this matter here at the school and we do not find any evidence to support the allegations."

School board officials said the student changed his story several times.

Swanson says she plans to take the issue further.

"A long way... I have a lawyer right now and he is going to be on this case. We will go all the way," she added.