Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is assisted living?

A: While definitions of assisted living, or personal care, vary between states, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) describes assisted living as "a residential setting that provides or coordinates personal care services, 24-hour supervision, scheduled and unscheduled assistance, social activities, and some health-related services.  Assisted living provides a homelike atmosphere and is designed to accommodate residents' changing care needs and preferences."

Q: What is respite care?

A: EdenCare's Respite Care Program can be defined as short-term, or temporary, care for seniors in the comfort of our communities. The flexibility of this program offers family members or other caregivers the opportunity to travel or take a short break. Additionally, respite care provides a non-institutional alternative for seniors recovering from surgery or a hospital stay. Respite residents enjoy the same amenities and services as our full-time residents.

Q: Does insurance pay for assisted living?

A: Most long-term care insurance policies provide a benefit that reimburses some or all of the cost of assisted living.  Most health insurance policies do not pay for assisted living. Generally, government reimbursement (via Medicare, Medicaid or other programs) is not available, although certain states have implemented programs that may help pay the cost of assisted living.

Q: What if a resident has specialized medical needs?

A: Our Director of Resident Services works with the resident, the family and the resident's personal physician to develop and oversee a customized care plan. EdenCare communities provide transportation to doctor's appointments, hospital visits, and third-party therapy providers.

Q: Do I bring my own belongings to furnish my room?

A: Yes, residents delight in decorating their suite with their own furniture and decorative accessories. Window blinds, and in some cases curtains, are provided. Our staff is available to help you prepare for the transition. Certain states require us to provide furniture, although residents typically prefer to use their own. EdenCare can assist with providing furniture if necessary. We can also coordinate custom painting and decorating.

Q: Can my pet come live with me?

A: Yes, EdenCare welcomes most pets to reside with their owners. Pets are a source of joy and have been credited with lowering blood pressure and anxiety. A deposit may apply. EdenCare will be happy to arrange special pet care services if necessary.

This is just a sampling of frequently asked questions. Please visit our website at for additional information or call your local EdenCare community.