Business opening its doors instead of closing them

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It seems all we hear about these days is businesses closing and companies going bankrupt, but that isn't the case for one business. News leader nine attended one ribbon cutting that's bringing some hope to our local economy.

So frequently we see stores going out of business and companies closing around Columbus, but a local hotel held is doing just the opposite.

Mike Gaymon with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce said, "I think businesses like Doubletree and Kodak, with their $15 million investment, they know the future is brighter."

With a projected improvement in the economy, the new Doubletree Hotel, is a welcomed addition to the community.

"We'll come out six months before the state, the state will improve before the southeast and the southeast will get better before the rest of the country. It's a long haul for the U.S. of A., it's much shorter for us here in the community and this is just one indication of why we say that," Gaymon told News Leader Nine.

Not only is this bringing new business to the area, but the addition of several jobs.

The local Doubletree Hotel owner, Jack Pezold said, "Right now we're blessed that it will help some people who are hurting, find jobs."

Gaymon added, "One, there's a lot of dollars invested with construction. A lot of construction jobs with re-modeling the facility. A lot of jobs now for people to work. It also means tax dollars because everybody who spends the night here, those tax dollars help our community in many ways."

And just how many jobs is this new addition bringing?

"We had a job fair two weeks ago down at the Marriott and there were over 500 people there applying for jobs. So we'll have about 100 employees here," Pezold told News Leader Nine.

Those one hundred jobs have already been filled but with Houlihans opening with the hotel and a steady stream of business, the company will bring a nice boost to our local community.