Ramsey Faces Life in Prison for Killing Local Cabbie

By Lindsey Connell - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Master Michael Ramsey seemed to show no remorse as a federal court judge read the jury's guilty verdict. The twenty-six-year-old even winked and waved at people in the courtroom.

Ramsey was convicted on several charges connected to the 2006 robbery and murder of fifty-five-year-old Columbus cab driver Jack Horne.

For those on both sides of the case, the verdict was no surprise.

"I was pleased with the verdict but of course that won't bring my husband back. At least now, the suspects that did this won't get a chance to mess up anyone else's lives," said Horne's wife, Ruthie Horne.

"It's been a two-and-a-half year nightmare and I imagine it'll still continue on. This doesn't end it. Mister Horne will never come back but this does give some sort of closure to this event," said Jerry Halicki, Horne's best friend and boss at Gold Star Taxi.

"It's had to believe the end is finally here but justice has been served," said Tonya Johnson, Horne's close friend and coworker.

"Our actions have consequences and we make decisions and he made the wrong ones and had the wrong friends and now he's paying for it," said Jerrica Murphy, Ramsey's friend.

Horne's coworkers say his death has forced them to be more cautious on the job.

"We have a repeater on our radio to where all drivers can hear what's being said over the radios, the dispatcher knows and can call 911. It's dangerous being on the streets- day or night- and we're family and we have to watch out for each other," said Deborah Muse, Horne's friend and a cab dispatcher.

And as for Jack Horne...

"He might be gone but he won't be forgotten," added his wife.

Two of Ramsey's friends- Travis Livingston and Samuel Perry- have already plead guilty to charges stemming from the murder.

A date for his sentencing has not been set.

It typically takes 90 days for the court to set that hearing.