Local contractors could be getting back to work

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Some local contractors could be closer to getting back to work after court proceedings wrapped up Monday.

More than 50 builders piled into a courtroom for a temporary injunction hearing. They say they weren't properly notified of an exemption to a new state licensing exam.

While not issuing an official order, Judge Bobby Peters said there was in fact a problem with issuing a proper notice in Muscogee County.

Attorney Neal Callahan, who is representing the contractors in the case, told News Leader 9 Judge Peters is asking both sides to come to a mutual agreement  that would allow contractors in Muscogee County who qualify, the right to apply for exam exemption.

If no agreement  is reached, Callahan says Judge Peters did indicate that he would likely issue a preliminary injunction.  This would allow the builders the opportunity to begin working until the issue is resolved.

The state does have a right to more time to defend its case.