Former President Jimmy Carter campaigns with Stacey Abrams in Plains, GA

Former President Jimmy Carter campaigns with Stacey Abrams in Plains, GA

PLAINS, GA (WTVM) - Former President Jimmy Carter campaigned Tuesday in Georgia alongside Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, Stacey Abrams.

The pair both used the moment to emphasize the need for better healthcare in the state.

“It just grieves very much being from a rural county, knowing half the county in Georgia don’t have DACA available. One of the main reasons is our deep concern about medical care in Georgia,” said Carter.

The meeting began with a walk through of the newly renovated Mercer Medicine facility.

A highlight on what many say is underserved areas of the state, including 139 rural counties, and pinpointing what Former President Jimmy Carter calls a healthcare crisis in the state.

Together, Abrams unveiled her rural healthcare platform. She said she’s committed to expanding Medicaid, creating jobs, and closing health care coverage gaps.

“I’m running for governor because I want every Georgia family to have the same opportunities I have, to step up and take care of their families, and everyone has access to healthcare,” spoke Abrams.

It’s an idea Carter and his wife say they fully support.

“Rosalynn and I are fully supporting Stacey for governor, and I don’t want anybody to be doubtful about that,” said Carter.

The visit to Plains, Carter’s hometown, was the second stop in Abrams healthcare tour.

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