GA governor candidate Brian Kemp visits Columbus for event at GOP headquarters

GA governor candidate Brian Kemp visits Columbus for event at GOP headquarters

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp made a stop in Columbus Monday.

Kemp spoke on a number of issues from school safety to health care.

About 200 people were in attendance for the event which was held in the parking lot of the Muscogee County GOP Headquarters.

Kemp spoke about wanting to make it easier for Georgians to see a doctor but his plan differs from Democratic challenger Stacy Abrams.

“I want to use innovation and tech to open the market up to lower costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, and increase the provider rates and have more doctors able to provide that care,” said Kemp.

Abrams' plan focuses on Medicaid expansion.

“The number of people who use hospitals and can’t pay the bills makes the rest of Georgia spend $1.7 billion dollars per year,” said Abrams. “If we expand Medicaid, we will draw down $3 billion from the federal government money that Georgians have paid into the pot.”

Kemp also discussed the need for tighter security in schools.

“I don’t want Georgia to be the next Columbine or Sandy Hook,” said Kemp. “By funding one position, a counselor, at every high school in the state, that person will focus on mental health, suicidal thoughts, and troubles within the school. It doesn’t matter how secure the school is if there is a troubled person on the inside. We are going to work with the Department of Education to have a position that looks at what else schools can do and active shooter training.”

Abrams wants to focus on guns, something Kemp did not directly mention in his plan, “I want responsible gun ownership laws in this state so our students don’t have to worry about active shooter drills at school.”

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