Kia Motors Manufacturing GA donates vehicles to LaGrange Fire Department

Kia Motors Manufacturing GA donates vehicles to LaGrange Fire Department
LaGrange Fire Department gets a helping hand from Kia Motors Manufacturing.

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) - Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) donated four non-driving vehicles to the LaGrange Fire Department to help with their recruit school extrication class.

The classes are hosted by the LaGrange Fire Department and also includes recruits from the Troup County Fire Department.

The class will consist of 18-22 new recruits going through classes with different training lessons such as crash victim extrication, pressurized container fire control and more.

Lt. Austin Starr of the LaGrange Fire Department says that things have changed through the years and class lengths have been extended which requires the curriculum to grow.

The extrication portion of the class is 16 hours and includes both classroom and skills training. In the skills training they will learn many things including hands on, real life scenarios.

“These cars will help our recruits learn real life extrication skills on newer model vehicles that are often only simulated. Most cars that we cut are older vehicles and do not have the new technologies or stronger steels used in today’s cars. We are grateful to KMMG for donating these vehicles for this training and extrication class. They truly are a valuable partner in our community,” said Lt. Austin Starr.

For KMMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility program mobility is a major focus.

Stuart Countess, KMMG’s chief administrative officer says, By repurposing non-drivable, trial vehicles, we are able to invest in these recruits by providing cars they may respond to in a real life crisis. Not only are these new first responders learning how to save our lives, but it’s quite possible that they’ll learn where wires, canisters, etc. are located that could save their own lives as well. We are proud to offer our support to this class.”

The recruit class started September 4 and will continue until the end of October.

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