'You are a threat to society’ Chambers County mother says to man who killed her son

'You are a threat to society’ Chambers County mother says to man who killed her son

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The family of Jarrad Smith say they waited five years for this day to come.

Back in May, Kason King was found guilty in a 2013 case where investigators say he shot and killed 32-year-old Smith inside a home on County Road 53 in Chambers County.

Court testimony revealed that Smith was shot while in the shower with another woman who is the ex-girlfriend of King.

“It’s hard… it’s been a long five years," said Rose Smith, Jarrad’s mother. "Of course we wanted life without parole, but we did get justice and I think we are all good with that.”

Rose stood before a courtroom filled with family and friends of the victim on one side and the defendant’s party on the other and read aloud a message to king.

“Kason, I already know that nothing I or anyone else says is going to effect you in anyway, because you have no regrets, no emotions, no feelings, and surely no respect for human life,” said Rose.

King will serve a life sentence for the murder and burglary conviction. He will also serve 12 months for an unlawful imprisonment conviction and 15 years for domestic violence conviction.

Judge Martin considered two prior felonies King had on his record of manufacturing drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

Kason King’s family left the court room shaking their heads “no” when asked if they wanted to comment on behalf of the defendant.

The family did not hold back on what this incident has done to their lives, writing pages worth of messages aimed at the man who killed their loved one.

“We will always rejoice on this 25th day of September, 2018 the national day of remembrance for murder victims that we received justice,” said Rose. "Look around Kason see how many lives you have affected.

Below you can read the full statements the mother and daughters of the victim had for the defendant.

(Source: Family)