WTVM Editorial 10/1/18: Live TV unites us

WTVM Editorial 10/1/18: Live TV unites us

(WTVM) - There are very few events these days that can draw the attention of most of the nation, all at the same time.

Sporting events are one: games are played live and most people watch them live for the shared experience.

Before cable TV, and for decades, most Americans watched just three channels on television…and big live, televised events like landing on the moon, the Watergate hearings and the attack on the Twin Towers brought us together because we shared those experiences as they happened.

In October 1991, it was the Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings broadcast live that riveted the country.

Now, in October 27 years later, it’s another sexually charged accusation against a Supreme Court nominee that led to another historic live TV event. Both Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of vile acts, Christine Ford, swore to tell the truth.

Every network affiliated local station, like WTVM, all around the country carried the hearings for hours on end.

So did every cable news channel and every news website streamed the hearings live.

All this at a time when the nation is almost completely politically polarized, Republicans and Democrats, Red States and Blue States, taking sides against each other.

Many of you watching the Kavanaugh – Ford hearings probably already knew how you felt about the accuser and the Supreme Court nominee with or without the hearing.

The proceedings were rough and emotional, the questioning was extremely personal.

The one redeeming factor of the hearings might be that it was another unifying event. It unfolded live, in real time.

It was raw. Few people could look away. But people who supported one, could finally at least listen to the other as they told their story.

The hearing was important, because it allowed us to watch and listen to the high-stakes public hearings for ourselves.

We were all able to watch the mannerisms, facial expressions, and the emotions on display. We could finally hear first-hand the explanations from both the accuser and the accused.

Live coverage enabled us to finally judge the truthfulness of their stories for ourselves.

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