Columbus city councilors to vote on ‘tiny house’ amendment

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Updated: Oct. 2, 2018 at 7:17 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More and more people are pushing for tiny houses in the Chattahoochee Valley.

The miniature homes are currently a violation of residential city codes.

But, things could soon change.

The Columbus Council is to vote on amending the code that currently prevents any home smaller than 400 square feet to be built.

People in Columbus say it’s time for alternative housing.

“They are so cute, little miniature houses,” says Columbus resident, Whitney Lawrence, “They are much more simpler. You can move them, they are cheaper, and you can be a minimalist.”

The homes have been showcased on reality shows and are growing popular all around the country.

Hearing the requests of the public, the Department of Community Affairs is passing an appendix to reducing square footage requirements.

However, council has to approve.

“We get calls, every so often---can we build a tiny house here?---I’ve got a piece of property and want to do a tiny house. A lot of these different options we have to tell them, not at this time,” says John Hudgison, the director of Inspections and Codes.

Hudgison says city officials are looking at how tiny houses can add to the community and what changes can be made to allow the homes to be built.

"There are some other things about head room and heights and bumping your head. A lot of those things are exempted to allow tiny houses now, once approved by council,” says Hudginson.

Before council will make a vote, they are asking for more community input.

A tiny house class and workshop will be held October 10 at the Columbus Civic Center.

The class will feature experts in construction, selling, and all things tiny homes.

To register for the class and workshop, call Call 706-225-3889.


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