WTVM Editorial 10/9/18: Red Cross Day of Giving

WTVM Editorial 10/9/18: Red Cross Day of Giving

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In just one day, over the course of just several hours, you came to the rescue in our “Day of Giving” Telethon for the American Red Cross, to support people still struggling with the destructive, life-altering reality of Hurricane Florence.

Last Wednesday, you made gave almost $10,000 to the cause!

Thank you!

When Florence passed and the floodwaters gradually receded, the intense media coverage drifted away and focused on the next scandal or political “bombshell.”

It’s easy to forget that hundreds of thousands of Americans in the Carolinas lost everything they had.

And just a few days ago, North Carolina announced two more people died from Hurricane Florence. Those two bodies had just been found, almost a month after the storm, proving this disaster is simply not over yet.

Those who survived have few belongings that aren’t ruined.

$44 billion worth of damage and counting, a number that boggles the mind. Survivors are left with a muddy, water-soaked, seemingly never-ending costly, disgusting mess to deal with.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration, FEMA, is helping get people back on their feet, but because it’s a bureaucracy –it’s a slow process.

But the Local Red Cross, like the West Central Georgia Chapter, moved quickly.

They sent several volunteers into the flood zone, to staff shelters or help survivors cope with every day needs, and many of them are still on the front line.

It’s never too late to help the American Red Cross in their mission of disaster relief.

Our one-day telethon raised almost $10,000, thanks to the many Red Cross volunteers who answered donors’ calls at our phone bank.

Other viewers donated online. Our news employees worked long hours to show the need for donations and to interview Red Cross experts about why we can’t forget about these storm victims.

But it was you who answered the call for help with what these survivors need most: cash donations.

Thank you so much for supporting our WTVM “Day of Giving” for the Red Cross, by giving so generously, so spontaneously, without much advance notice.

Your pledges will make the work easier for our local Red Cross chapter, so they can give the victims of Florence a hand-up out of the mud and debris and help them step into a better life ahead.

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