LaGrange Police and other Troup County officers host active shooter training

LaGrange Police host active shooter seminar

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Dozens of LaGrange police officers along with fire and EMS workers are all playing multiple roles in the threat of an active shooter.

Shortly after the tragic Columbine High School shooting nearly 19 years ago, the LaGrange Police began constructing a master plan of how to handle an active shooter.

On Wednesday, they continued to develop and conduct training sessions where they practiced identifying and handling these types of threats.

“Inside of an incident that’s still taking place, like an active shooter situation, we have a contact team that’s addressing the threat but we also have a rescue team establishing the area that’s safe for fire personal to come in and start treating patients,” said Wade Sheppard, LPD Training Officer.

What started out as just an LPD effort, now includes fire, EMS, and other Troup County officers all training together as a joint unit.

“Well what we’re working on is that all fire departments follow the same protocol, all of our law enforcement follows the same protocol and that way no matter where it is, it will operate the same. No matter if it’s a threat in west point or Troup county or inside the city of La Grange, more than likely we are going to all have to respond,” said John Brent, Deputy Chief for LaGrange Fire and EMS.

Officers say they are grateful to have the old vacant Whitesville Elementary School in LaGrange to use for training, that way they can stay prepared for any potential emergencies.

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