MCSD honors middle school scholars for the REACH program

MCSD honors middle school scholars for the REACH program

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Thursday was a pretty big day for nine middle school students and their parents helping them make it to college and preparing for the real world.

The REACH program is designed for each student to pair with a mentor throughout middle and high school in order to help them stay on the right path to college.

“The REACH program is another example of the public private partnership for which Columbus is so known for throughout the state. We thank governor deal for putting this program into place through the sponsorships and our gracious support of our community.” said Dr. Lewis, the Muscogee County School District’s superintendent

The program allowed them to sign a scholarship with their parents committing to maintain a 2.5 GPA, good behavior, and graduate high school in order to receive $10,000 towards their college careers.

The students said today is making them want to push even harder being a scholar.

“It’s very important to me and it was very special to me because I’m coming from a family of 10 kids and it’s very hard and for this it makes it easier on my parents so they don’t have to worry to pay so much money for college because they already have to do it for 10 more,”said Batriz Chavez.

“I’m really excited for it, it’s a great opportunity and I’m fortunate to have it,” said Sean Mesis.

The REACH program is working to expand opportunities for the students in their very own lab at the Marshall Success Center in Columbus.

“For support in testing, ACT, AP classes, SAT, as well as for their parents to support them on the journey to go to college and graduate,” said Reginald Griffin, the REACH coordinator.

Directors of the REACH program say this $10,000 is only seed money because a lot of colleges and universities double and triple match the amount.

For more details on this program, click here.

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