Parent of Northside High student alleges gender-based discrimination against the MCSD

Parent of Northside High student alleges gender-based discrimination against the MCSD

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- The Muscogee County School District is fighting a legal battle with a parent over a gender-based discrimination claim.

In a lawsuit filed in May 2018, Turena Tante alleged the school district is treating her daughter unfairly when it comes to playing sports at Northside High School.

The suit filed in the Middle District of Georgia says MCSD violated Title IX of the education amendment of 1972.

The federal law requires equal treatment of female and male student-athletes.

Six different allegations are outlined in the suit:

  1. Funding athletics 
  2. Equipment and supplies 
  3. Pre-game meals 
  4. Compensation for coaches 
  5. Locker rooms and facilities for both practice and competition 
  6. Training facilities and services 

Tante says, “the district knowingly and deliberately discriminated against female students including her daughter by failing to provide them with treatments and benefits that are comparable overall to the treatment and benefits given to male athletes.”

In July, the district filed a response to the lawsuit denying the claims alleged against them.

The district denies providing male athletes with equipment and supplies in a manner that discriminates against female athletes. While the district admits that the benches in the dugout at Northside’s baseball field are two tier benches, they say the softball dugout benches are not "inadequate or inferior” and the boys' press box was paid for by the team’s booster club, not the district.

Tante is asking for the district to correct its actions and she also mentions the district’s actions have reduced college athletic scholarship opportunities for her daughter.

We reached out to both side for comment. The family declined but we have not heard back from the district.

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