AL man’s ‘trashy’ Facebook post goes wild

Josh Grantham had questions for Facebook about his trashcan and Facebook had answers.
Josh Grantham had questions for Facebook about his trashcan and Facebook had answers.(Source: Josh Grantham)
Updated: Oct. 29, 2018 at 11:23 PM EDT
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JACK, AL (WSFA) - Certain questions have stumped mankind since the beginning of time. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Would you like fries with that? Will that be paper or plastic?

And since the advent of social media, there are a lot of people with a lot of extra time on their hands to contemplate the answers to these questions and others. One such question is unexpectedly blowing up for a south Alabama man who just wanted to redecorate his bathroom.

Thirty-eight year old Josh Grantham is like most modern Americans. The Coffee County, Alabama, man has a Facebook profile, a sense of humor, and he’s got to find something to do with all those plastic bags he gets from the grocery store.

It happened randomly, he explained. He was cleaning his bathroom [Sidenote: Yes, ladies. He’s single, though he told us not to tell you that. And yes, you have competition. Other ladies are already private messaging him looking for decorating tips.]

Anyway, Grantham went to grab some shopping bags to put in his trashcan, and that’s when it happened.

“I picked up two.” And the wheels started turning.

Before he realized what he was doing, Grantham had spent an unspecified amount of time standing in his bathroom trying to figure out if he should put the white Walmart bag in his can or if he should go with the yellow Dollar General bag.

“Gave myself a good laugh,” he admitted of his private musings. “So I took a pic and asked Facebook to help as a joke.....the rest is history.”

Grantham’s private musings typically stay private. He keeps his Facebook profile private so only friends can see his posts, and for a few days that’s the way it stayed.

“But one of my co-workers wanted to share it, so I made it public,” he explained.

In the first couple days the trashy post was shared about 500 times. Impressive, but nothing approaching viral territory.

Then, “it took off.”

5,000 shares, then 10,000. As of Monday evening it was over 20,000 shares and approaching 2,000 comments.

“I can’t really keep up with them,” Grantham said of his trashcan questioners. “It’s hilarious, there are a lot of folks who are wanting to see the rest of my bathroom so that they can make a decision.”

“Go with the white one,” one commenter said. “It goes with the trim.”

“The yellow compliments the polka dots,” another mused. “I say yellow.”

Truth be known, Grantham made his decision before even posting the picture. It is a bathroom trashcan, after all.

So what did he go with? Classic, clean Walmart white or fall-esq Dollar General Yellow and a pumpkin spice deodorizer?

“Went with the yellow !!! But may redecorate in a few days...” Grantham laughed.

Dollar General wins this round, and so does the internets. And it all started in Alabama.

If you have a free minute, head on over to Grantham’s post and tell him why he should go with your choice. Just don’t suggest Costco. They don’t do bags.

And if you feel like this story belongs in one of Grantham’s bags, hey, that’s not very nice! You felt like reading all the way to this point, so it must have been amusing to some degree.

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