Piedmont Columbus Regional moving breast care center to the John B Amos Cancer Center

Piedmont Columbus Regional moving breast care center to the Jon B Amos Cancer Center

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - October is a month to celebrate breast cancer awareness.

Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital is making a move to help those fighting the disease.

You can call it a one stop shop for new breast cancer patients and for those already fighting the battle while Piedmont Columbus’ breast cancer center moves into the John B Amos cancer center.

The new facility gives people fighting breast cancer a chance to stay put in their hometown with all the proper care needed.

Dr. Andrea Cole is a radiologist and director of Piedmont Columbus breast cancer center and she says the move allows Piedmont to be fully equipped with all the staff and resources housed in the same building.

“The new breast care center will comprise 8,400 square feet of comprehensive breast care and it will have both the radiologist as well as the surgeon in the same building,” said Dr. Cole.

If a patient comes in for a mammogram and results come back positive, they will be able to get same day care versus traveling elsewhere.

Dr. Andrea Cole says every 100 out of 1000 patient gets called back for a second screening.

“So, if they are diagnosed and there’s something positive then they would have to set up an appointment with the breast surgeon and then from there they are set up with chemotherapy through the medical oncologist, or radiation therapy through the radiation oncologist so there’s various different appointments and lots of travel and shuffling around,” said Cole.

Health officials recommend women by age 40 start getting yearly mammograms if you don’t have any prior problems or a family history that could put you at a higher risk.

Dr. Cole says you should always do self-examinations at least once a month making early detection a habit.

Piedmont Columbus’s new breast cancer center is set to open in November with a Ribbon Cutting Celebration to follow.

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