Early voting is ending soon and many have questions about voter eligibility

Early voting is ending soon and many have questions about voter eligibility

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Voters who are told they cannot vote or their name isn’t on the roll can still fill a provisional ballot until your identification is verified.

For many of you, casting your ballot this November should be a breeze, but some voters may learn their names are not on the roll, instead listed as not registered or registered at a another precinct.

The Director of Elections Nancy Boren says if there’s any question, a provisional ballot can be provided.

“If they go to a poll on election day and they don’t have a photo ID or one of the identifications for first time voters then they would cast a provisional ballot and then they would have three days after the election to bring that identification here to the election office or they could email it for fax it to us and then it would take them out of provisional status and we count that ballot,” said Boren.

Boren says this election's early voting turnout has surpassed the last midterm election and she says the turn out numbers are moving towards numbers last seen in the 2016 presidential election.

“So far we have voted over 24,000 people in person and we’ve issued almost 6-thousand ballots by mail, big turn out for a midterm election,” said Boren.

Boren says if you think you’re registered but haven’t voted in the past seven years, you are automatically not eligible to vote.

You would have had to re-register before the registration deadline.

We’re just days away from the big election and early voting ends Friday where here at the city services center is the only place you can cast your early ballot.

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