Lee County EMA increasing public safety notifications

Lee County EMA increasing public safety notifications

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - One of the fastest growing counties in Alabama, Lee County, is forming a task force to improve safety for their community.

This is many years in the making according to officials who are preparing for the unexpected and providing resources for safety.

Rita Smith, a Lee County public information officer, is working with fire officials, police, and others to form a crisis communication task force in the county.

“Depending on which jurisdiction the crisis is in , how the rest of our team can support that," said Smith.

A proactive approach is what Smith is calling it. Working on a plan on what to do if a natural disaster , criminal activity, or any threat to the public happens---getting timely, accurate information out goes along with this.

“We need this in this county. We need to be able to assure our citizens of what steps are being taken for their safety," Smith said.

“LeeCo Alerts!” is one step that gives authorities the opportunity to notify the community in real time. Alerts can come via email, text, or voice message through a cell or home telephone. You can sign up and cater notifications to where you live.

Emergency officials are planning practice scenarios for this task force to go through to better understand what needs to be done in a time of crisis.

“We’re very thankful that we have people and first responders in our community who will work together,” Smith said.

Lee County emergency officials said this is just the beginning. They are looking at options of other ways to better relay notifications and also ways the public can assist during times of crisis.

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