Alabama DA targeted in ‘ambush shooting’ speaks out

Alabama DA targeted in ‘ambush shooting’ speaks out
DA Greg Griggers was injured in a shooting outside his Demopolis office Thursday afternoon. The suspected shooter, an ex-state trooper, was shot and killed.

DEMOPOLIS, AL (WSFA) - West Alabama District Attorney Greg Griggers held a brief press conference Friday afternoon, the day after he was targeted in what law enforcement has called an “ambush style" shooting outside his Demopolis office.

Griggers spoke the day after the shooting.

“I don’t want to say anything before," Griggers then paused briefly. “Yall bare with me,” he explained to waiting media, “I’m still a little rattled about this, uh, thanking the two men that made it possible for me to be here tonight...I owe them a debt of gratitude, as does my family, that I won’t ever be able to repay.”

Griggers, whom neighboring District Attorney Michael Jackson initially said had been shot in the face, suffered what are now said to be minor injuries. He was released from a hospital Thursday evening.

“Just to put some of the speculation and rumors to rest, I’m good. I’ll be back to work Monday,” Griggers, whose left eye was noticeably red from injury, explained. “I’m alive and well and good. Got a few holes in me that I didn’t have before yesterday morning, but other than that I’m good.”

The DA said he’s confident in leaders of the investigation that they’ll “get to the bottom of what this thing is about.”

The man accused of shooting at him, an ex-state trooper named Steve Smith, Jr., was shot and killed in the incident.

Investigators said they weren’t ready to update the media with details about their investigation as of Friday afternoon, but urged anyone who had any information about the shooting or of Smith’s mindset to call the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

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