Columbus Fire and EMS remind people about the dangers of deep frying turkeys

Columbus Fire and EMS remind people about the dangers of deep frying turkeys

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Fire and EMS say during this time of year is when they see the most house fires that get their start as a grease fire when people begin frying turkeys.

First things first, you should take your turkey out of the freezer two to three days before Thanksgiving to make sure it is fully thawed and dried.

Putting such a large eight to ten-pound bird in hot grease and not using safety precautions can cause trouble.

With that being said, it is recommended not to fry a turkey over twelve pounds and to avoid overfilling the oil, which could ignite when making contact with the burner.

“When you’re frying your turkey, it comes with two different varieties of how to cook it," said Lt. Bruce Powell, Columbus Fire Inspector. "One is where you can put the turkey in a basket and one where you have a three-prong and you drop it in very, very slowly.”

Whether frying your turkey indoors or outdoors, you should wear goggles to shield your eyes and oven mitts to protect your hands and, most importantly, keep your fire extinguisher within arm’s reach.

“Pull the pin, grab the nozzle, aim at the base of the fire and squeeze the handle and sweep back and forth," says Lt. Powell. “You should be at least ten to twelve feet away from your fire.”

Grease should be at 350 degrees and your bird should cook around three minutes for every pound.

“Grease does spread quite easily, do not use a water extinguisher said Powell

So, remember the acronym PASS that is pictured on the side of your extinguisher.

  • Pull
  • Aim
  • Squeeze
  • Sweep

The Columbus Fire and EMS says make sure all family and visitors know where to find that extinguisher, so they don’t have to pay you a visit on Thanksgiving.

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