Columbus mobile home park facing threat of closure by the city; property management responds

Columbus mobile home park facing threat of closure by the city; property management responds

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The City of Columbus is stepping-in after countless complaints at one mobile home park.

People living at Fort Benning Estates say they are losing one of their many reasons to be thankful, as residences now face a threat of an imminent closure.

“It looks bad. It looks terrible around here," says Bruce Scott, who lives in the neighborhood.

This mobile home park has seen its fair share of changes and problems. In September, residents were reportedly without water for days and still complain about constant sewage problems.

City officials say the area is unfit for human occupancy and it is an imminent hazard to life and safety.

John Hudgison, the director of Building Inspections and Code Enforcement for Columbus, says his team went to the area Nov. 15.

Residents were left a notice stating in part, to “make arrangements to vacate property in case the owner cannot repair existing conditions."

Caleb Walsh, the owner of the site with with Parks Management, described the various issues in an emailed response, as just “minor” code enforcement problems to News Leader 9.

He says there is “no eminent shut-down” and the notice by the city is a “standard” notice to residents letting them know the owner’s responsibility to fix various issues.

Walsh writes, “as always, we will be solving all outstanding issues.” It’s something many living in the area say they don’t believe will be done.

“If this place close down, I don’t have anywhere to go. I was homeless when I got here. I don’t want to be homeless again," says one renter.

Inspection and Code officials will be on site Monday Nov. 26 to review compliance measures.

Officials say they are preparing and expecting to officially condemn the area.

Residents are being directed to United Way and Housing Authorities for immediate living options.

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