GA law enforcement officials encouraging safe driving ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

GA law enforcement officials encouraging safe driving ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

(WTVM) - Georgia officials are reminding drivers to keep their eyes on the road this holiday season.

To date, Georgia has had 100 fewer traffic fatalities than this time last year, a trend that state leaders hope will hold.

“This vehicle is two tons of steel,” said Harris Blackwood, the director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. “It is a wonderful thing when it is under control, but when it is not, it is a lethal weapon.”

The Highway Safety Office brought a rollover demonstration to Columbus showing the life and death difference that a seat belt makes in a rollover crash. Officials said that a high percentage of drivers now use seat belts, but that there are other habits that need to be broken.

“The next behavior that needs to change is distracted driving,” said Mark McDonough, the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety.

Georgia State Patrol has written over 4,000 citations for violating Georgia’s new hands free law and they have no plans of loosening up enforcement this week.

“The Georgia Hands Free Law is very clear. Your hands can not be on the device. Where should your hands be? On the steering wheel. Where should your eyes be? Outside the car,” said McDonough.

As the state continues to enforce that new law, McDonough said they have a zero tolerance policy for those that drink and drive and will be harshly enforcing DUI laws.

Blackwood wants that message to be especially clear to College students returning home from break.

“Getting a DUI can prevent you from getting into law school, being a teacher, going into the military, any number of things,” said Blackwood

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