Eufaula murder suspect fighting extradition, police say


Eufaula murder suspect fighting extradition, police say

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - Police in Eufaula are pouring over evidence from two separate crime scenes relating to the death of a 26-year-old man.

After a nationwide search, the third suspect in Deyasmine Sheppard’s murder case was taken into custody, but police say he is trying to avoid answering to his charges.

“Normally this doesn’t always happen," said Eufaula Police Sgt. Donald Brown. “When we catch someone out of state, they usually agree to come back and face the charges.”

45-year-old Bobby Thomas was captured by U.S. Marshals in Michigan just a few weeks ago for his alleged connection to the March murder of Deyasmine Sheppard.

“It’s not going to stop him from coming, he’s coming, but the process just is taking longer," said Brown.

24-year-old Jesse Maness and 22-year-old Isabella Dooley were arrested and charged with murder shortly after Sheppard’s body was found in a shallow grave off Gammage Road.

Police later found Sheppard’s car in Russell County where evidence from that crime scene pointed them to Thomas.

The trio accused of this murder are said to have close ties to one another for some time.

‘Does this case preliminary look like something that involved drugs or bad blood between Mr. Sheppard and these three?” News Leader 9′s Parker Branton asked.

“It could be a little bit of both as far as we are hearing. We don’t want to comment on anything that’s not concrete, but it could be a little bit of both--- drugs and bad blood," Brown told Branton.

Police are investigating what role each of the people charged might have played in Sheppard’s death and are also not ruling out more arrests being made.

“Well, we are looking. At this point, I can’t say there are more, but as we keep digging there may be more," said Brown.

Governor Kay Ivey and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder now will both sign papers to have Bobby Thomas brought to Eufaula. Once Thomas arrives, he is expected to have a hearing within 72 hours.

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