Phenix City cold case to be presented to grand jury after suspect admits to murder

Phenix City cold case to be presented to grand jury after suspect admits to murder

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Phenix City police say one of the most brutal killers in American history has ties to the murder of a Columbus woman found on 7th Street.

78-year-old Samuel Little has confessed to nearly 100 homicides which is giving investigators in Russell County a chance to close a cold case.

“I think it’s the first murder scene I ever went to as a prosecutor, and I went with the chief deputy at the time," recalls Russell County District Attorney Ken Davis.

Just short of 40 years ago, Davis went to the crime scene in Phenix City where 23-year-old Brenda Alexander’s body was found.

The 1979 homicide of this Columbus woman has gone cold until police traveled to Decatur, Texas weeks ago, where they say Little described the moments Alexander’s life was taken the August 26 night after she left a Columbus dance club.

“He was the perpetrator who gave information only the perpetrator could’ve been privileged to," says Davis.

Little is the man Phenix City police say admitted to the brutal murder of Alexander.

The Reynolds, Georgia native and convicted California serial killer is serving a life sentence. Authorities say Little has gone on record to confess to 91 homicides spanning across the country.

Little is nearing 80 years old and is reportedly having health issues as he serves out his sentence. The FBI says in a statement, Little offered confessions dating back four decades ago in order to be transported to another prison, not detailing what prison he wanted to move to or if the deal would happen. The Russell Co DA says Little will likely not step foot in Alabama again, but his case will be prosecuted.

“To not do something about it, to not return an indictment, to put it down in writing in the book, I think that’s a disservice to her," says Davis.

This case will be presented to a Russell County Grand Jury in February. The DA says the video recorded interview that Phenix City police had with Little will be played.

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