Home surveillance cameras helping Columbus police solve more cases

Home surveillance cameras helping Columbus police solve more cases

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Surveillance cameras and home security systems are becoming crucial tools for fighting crime, slowly replacing the neighborhood watch, according to police.

Police say these cameras tell and show what people sometimes won’t.

“I would recommend it because you can’t ever be too safe, and if something happens that is abnormal, we can have proof of it,” says Vanessa Centeio.

Some of the biggest stories in recent weeks have involved surveillance cameras, providing police officers with evidence to help solve investigations.

The cases range from porch thieves to store robberies.

Most recently, a deadly shooting resulted in the death of 34-year-old Derrick Scott.

“It makes me a little more secure knowing who is coming and going in and around our neighborhood and our house,” says Centeio. “Cameras don’t stop crime, but at least sometimes it can deter people from thinking about it.”

The home cameras captured images of suspects police say attempted to enter the apartment just before shots rang out.

Some cameras provide immediate results, with the ability to take pictures of intruders, detect motion, and alert homeowners if there’s suspicious activity.

Other cameras allow homeowners to see what’s happening around their homes through an app on their phones.

The new and advanced cameras able to provide immediate results and a go-to for law enforcement agencies.

“We have HD cameras. They also have night vision and they are motion sensitive as well,” says Anthony Johnson, manager at Affinity Integrated Solutions and authorized ADT dealer.

Johnson says these home surveillance cameras are continuing to become more popular in the area.

He believes it is a solid investment, no matter where you live.

“Well with cameras, at least you have an opportunity to identify who violated your home, and you can also prosecute,” says Johnson.

Police say social media has made it easier to share the footage as well.

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