Murder trial underway for Columbus teen charged in Wickham Drive deadly shooting

Murder trial underway for Columbus teen charged in Wickham Drive deadly shooting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Trial is underway for a Columbus teen charged with murder after a deadly shooting on Wickham Drive in 2017.

Robert Furr was called to the stand first. Furr hesitated then refused to testify against Clayton Perry who allegedly shot and killed James Francesconi.

Furr is currently an inmate where he’s also charged with murder in a separate incident.

According to Columbus police, Furr came to them claiming he knew what happened the night of August 15, 2017. He told police in a recorded interview that was shown in court that he and some friends where hanging out at a home where “tattoo man” lives.

While there ,a group of boys came to the house and Perry allegedly talked with them about an armed robbery and a shooting on Wickham Drive where Furr told police Perry pulled the trigger.

The mother of the victim also took the stand where she admitted her son sold drugs and that her son told her people were trying to rob him.

Perry’s defense attorney, Michael Eddings, believes they have the wrong guy.

“No tattoo parlor was interviewed. No witness from the tattoo parlor was spoken to. It was supposed to be five or six other witnesses there. None of them have statements, none of them have anything about him being anywhere. So has far as we’re concerned, there’s no evidence he was at the tattoo parlor and there’s no evidence that he met Perry there," said Eddings.

Perry’s mother also took the stand and stated her son was home allday August 15 helping her take care of his bedridden great grandmother. No evidence of a weapon was presented in court .

Perry decided he was not going to testify in this trial. Court resumes tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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