WTVM Editorial 12-19-18: Shop small this Christmas

WTVM Editorial 12-19-18: Shop small this Christmas

(WTVM) - I recently attended an East Alabama Chamber of Commerce event hosted by CTV Beam, Phenix City’s local cable company.

Chamber President Dennis Beson reminded us to “Shop Small” by patronizing local small businesses rather than big chains or internet retailers this holiday season.

It’s a great reminder for all of us, especially as the time left for holiday shopping gets shorter by the day. And shopping local makes good financial sense, too.

Studies have consistently shown that out of every $100 dollars you spend with a local business, $68 dollars or more stays right here where we live.

If you buy from a chain retailer, only $40 dollars of the same $100 stays local.

If you spend $100 dollars on the internet, none stays local.

Think of that.

Sales tax revenue from local store sales pays for fixing our roads and helps us fund police and fire services and generally improves our standard of living, because it boosts our local economy.

Local small businesses offer unique items that make thoughtful gifts, not something ordered quickly, even mindlessly, with just a few clicks.

Local businesses who can attract shoppers are more likely to invest in important community projects like the United Way. Local businesses sponsor local school teams or food drives and other worthy causes.

Shopping local can also, eventually, create more jobs as the business grows.

Supporting local entrepreneurs who start local businesses can also keep our talented young people from moving on to bigger cities.

If we can stop for a moment during this busy season and think about shopping local, it’s easy to see that supporting local businesses helps all of us.

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