Remember pet safety when it comes to celebrating New Year’s

Remember pet safety when it comes to celebrating New Year’s

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Parties and fireworks are a lot of peoples favorite way to ring in the New Year. However, our pets may not feel the same way.

The chaos and loud noises of fireworks can frighten and stress many pets. Here are some tips to keep them as calm and safe as possible this holiday:

Tire your pet out

  • Before the festivities begin, exercise your dog with a walk to avoid having them outside during fireworks are going off.

Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where pets can reach them

  • If you choose to have an alcoholic drink to celebrate, be careful where you leave it. Alcoholic beverages have the potential to poison pets.

Never use fireworks around pets

  • Exposure to lit fireworks can potentially result in severe burns to curious pets, plus the loud noises could damage their hearing or scare them.

Create a distraction

  • Consider giving your dog their favorite toy or treat to distract them from the chaos. You can also play soft music to cover the noise of fireworks.

Leave your pet at home

  • If you’re going out and your dog is afraid of loud noises or fireworks, leave them at home. Experts say they will feel safer in the familiar spot.

Make sure they’re in a secure place

  • Make sure they are in a safe and securely locked room or kennel. The stress and volume of the holiday can make many dogs want to escape or run off.

Have a tag ID, chip, and/or recent photo

  • With the increased possibility of your pet running off, experts say you should make sure they are wearing an up-to-date and visible ID tag on their collar and take a current photo for reference, just in case they become lost.

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