Columbus Water Works to start new water line project in Uptown area

Columbus Water Works to start new water line project in Uptown

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Water Works will be working on certain lines in the Uptown area starting Monday.

The focus is to inspect and clean them. The size of the project may cause traffic delays or changes in your water.

Vic Burchfield with Columbus Water Works says proper maintenance of the infrastructure is important, so they can provide cost-effective and reliable water services for businesses and residents in the community.

“What we are doing with those mains is actually a cleaning and lining project. With that project, we’re actually going into the existing water mains and we are cleaning them out by what’s called a pig device, that actually pigs out the inside of that water main,”-said the senior vice president of Columbus Water Works.

The project could add to the already busy traffic because there will be temporary mains placed above ground.

Some people have one main concern.

“Well it might make traffic a lot worse and parking is hard around here, especially if you live here. I’m sure the parking will be bad, but if it’s for the good of fixing things then I’m fine with it,”said uptown resident Robert Soper.

“The traffic is crazy just trying to find parking that’s like relevant to where you’re trying to go. I think like trying to bring in more traffic might not work very well because we are going to have to try to find more parking in different places,”said Anna Stephens.

The project will cover the uptown area, including points between Broadway, 8th and 11th streets and locations such as the River Center down to the Columbus Police Department.

Burchfield said the project will take until July of this year and if you see color changes in your water to not worry. Continue to run the water for 5 to 10 minutes.

He said they are hoping with the technology their able to use will cause less traffic pain.

“This type of technology allows us to go in and not have to dig up the street or dig up the pipe. So, it’s a very economical way to restore your water main to a new condition,”said Burchfield.

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