Federal workers turn to crowdfunding to pay bills during shutdown

Federal contract worker: I set up GoFundMe for rent

(CNN/Gray News) – Federal workers have turned to the internet for help to make it through the partial government shutdown.

Thousands of government workers across the country have had to figure out ways to pay their bills during the shutdown, which has stretched into its third week.

Some workers are furloughed while others continue to work without a paycheck.

"I was given the advice to set up a GoFundMe, and I made a goal of approximately two months of salary because I wasn’t sure how much this would last,” said Julie Burr, a federal contract worker for the Department of Transportation in Kansas City, MO.

Burr has already reached her goal of $5,000.

“That's going to help get us through,” she said. “It helped with my January rent and more than likely will have to help with February rent also. So, right now I'm relying on that."

And it appears Burr isn’t alone. A quick search on GoFundMe shows many fundraising campaigns started by people claiming to be federal workers who are furloughed or working without pay. Most of them haven’t met their goals.

When President Donald Trump was asked Sunday whether he can relate to federal workers not being paid due to the shutdown, he responded in part, “I can relate.”

Burr said she disagrees.

“I find it hard to believe that a billionaire could relate to anyone who lives possibly paycheck to paycheck, which many of the American people do," she said.

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